The Complete Employment Guide

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IRIQ's Complete Employment Guide

IRIQ’s Total Employment Guide incorporates all of the Employer guides available for purchase in the bookshop which include various policies and templates for use by Employers.  Incorporated in the Total Employment Guide are the following:
  • Employment Manual
    • Includes Various Policies & Templates
    • For Example:
      • IT Policy
      • Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking Policy
      • Written Warning Template
      • Formal Warning Template
      • Termination Letter Template
      • Social Media Policy
  • Employer Guide to Terminations
    • Includes Disciplinary/Counselling Template
  • Employer Guide to Working from Home
    • Includes Working from Home Policy
  • Employer Guide to Parental Leave
    • Includes Parental Leave Policy
  • Employer Guide to Workplace Health and Safety
    • Includes Work Health and Safety Policy
  • Employer Guide to Managing Employee Return to Work
    • Includes  Return to Work Policy and Return to Work Plan
  • Employer Guide to Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bulling
    • Includes Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Template Policy
  • Employer Guide to Right of Entry
  • Work Health and Safety Toolkit
    • Work Health and Safety Policy
    • Risk Assessment Register Template
    • Hazard Register Template
    • Due Diligence Check list Template
    • Incident/Inquiry Template
    • Safety Training Checklist Template
  • Employer Guide to Employment Contracts
    • Permanent Full time (Award Based) Employment Contract Template
    • Permanent Part time (Award Based) Employment Contract Template
    • Casual (Award Based) Employment Contract Template
    • Permanent Full time (Award Free) Salary Based Employment Contract Template
    • Includes Job Description Template 

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